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Commercial, Residential Cleaning Company in Province of Alberta City Brooks,Medicine Hat, Lethbridge and Edmonton

JAG Cleaning Services Ltd. is dedicated to provide you with the best possible cleaning services and guarantee your satisfaction. We specialize in Move-In & Move-Out Cleaning, Carpet Cleaning, Floor Cleaning and Post-Construction Cleaning services.

For Custodial and Commercial Janitorial Services, Contact JAG Cleaning Services Ltd.

Why Choose JAG Cleaning Services Ltd.?

  • We value the long-term relationships that we build with our clients.
  • We always adapt to our clients’ changing needs.
  • All carpet cleaning, floor care, and other special services are performed by professional, certified technicians on staff.


  • Why Regular Commercial Cleaning is Essential for Business Success

    In the bustling world of business, success is often measured by financial growth, customer satisfaction, and market dominance. While these factors undoubtedly play a crucial role, there is one often overlooked aspect that can make or break a company's fortunes: cleanliness. Yes, you read it right! Regular commercial cleaning holds the key to unlocking the doors of prosperity and ensuring business success. From leaving a lasting impression on potential clients to fostering a healthy work environment, the impact of a clean and pristine workspace cannot be overstated. 

    In this blog, we will delve into the reasons why regular commercial cleaning is essential for business success, unveiling the hidden benefits that lie within meticulously polished surfaces and pristine spaces. So, fasten your seatbelts and get ready to explore the powerful connection between cleanliness and triumph in the corporate realm.

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  • Why You Should Choose JAG Cleaning Services!

    Let’s say you have a client meeting at the office or family coming in from out of town. To make a good impression and create an inviting space, you will have to clean your office or home and get rid of dirt, dust, and clutter all around. Normally you would do a quick clean-up, but that won’t eliminate dirt and dust completely. Not to mention hidden allergens and germs may still be present on shared surfaces, and you may probably overlook places that are tough to reach.

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  • Common Mistakes People Make When Hiring A Cleaning Company

    Whether you own a home or an office space, taking good care of your belongings by keeping them clean regularly will ensure that they will last longer and look great for years to come. Anyone can do a decent cleaning job, but when you hire professional cleaners, they will make sure to keep your space in top condition. These professionals know all the secrets to get an impressive shine and will do the job as efficiently as possible. Moreover, you can save time and money and take at least one worry off your to-do list.

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