See Why Our Customers Prefer Our Services

JAG Cleaning Services Ltd. is dedicated to providing excellent customer service, so we are proud to say that our customers are more than happy with our work.

Read the following testimonials to see just how well we please our customers with our janitorial services.

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    Detailed Work, Fair Price

    “I have always been very happy with the job of Jag crew for cleaning my house, I think it’s been about 3 years now since they started working for me. Jag crew is very thrall and detailed in work, also pleasant to deal with, fair price and easy on the eyes enjoy having these ladies in my home.” 

    Terry Peters Tilley, Alberta
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    Trustworthy and Readily Available

    “I heartily recommend Jag Cleaning because they are trustworthy, do an excellent job and are readily available to do the jobs I need done, many times with fairly short notice.” 

    Roni Trendsetter Homes
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    Competitive Price

    “JAG cleaning offers us quality cleaning at a competitive price even with our dynamic demands. They are open to meeting your needs and making the necessary adjustments to stay on budget.” 

    Eugene Foisy Smith Group Holdings Ltd.
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    Adapt Without an Issue

    “Jag Cleaners had been our cleaning vendors for over 7 years. Jerrell and her team take pride in their work and it shows. We have always found they provide excellent service and profile a professional image. When ever we have made a change to our schedule or request additional cleaning like carpet cleaning , exterior window cleaning, they adapt without an issue. I would highly recommend JAG for your cleaning needs.” 

    Randy Patton Associate Dealer Canadian Tire 212
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    Reliable and Efficient

    “We have been hiring Jag Cleaning to clean our home every other week for just over two years now. During this time, I have found them to be a reliable and efficient company. I know that when I arrive home from work after they have been there, I will find my home to be very clean and fresh smelling. It is such a great feeling to know that they will arrive on time, and diligently perform their tasks to my specifications and expectations. This allows me to concentrate my time on my family, which is more important than cleaning. Thank you Jag, we look forward to many more years using your fine services!”

    Signed a very satisfied customer!
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    Dedicated and Honest

    “I have been a client of Jag cleaning for 2.5 years. I was thrilled they would travel an hour out of town to clean my house! Every month the team comes in and does a thorough clean; getting those dust bunnies I missed, wiping baseboards and washing windows etc. They get areas done I don’t always have time too. What they can do in 2.5 hrs would take me a week! Jerrel and her team are dedicated, honest and efficient! I am grateful for their services.”

    J. Horner
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    Punctual and Professional

    “As a busy working mom to three young children, finding time and energy to keep up with a clean house was exhausting. When I did get the time, I’d much rather play with my kids or finally relax than vacuum or clean bathrooms. The ladies at JAG are amazing! Always punctual, professional, and efficient. My house is spotless and clean in no time at all. They never cut corners, and they clean every square inch to keep my house spotless and disinfected. The depth of cleaning is a total bargain for the service I receive and it is well worth the cost each month to know my home is sanitary and clean for my entire family. I can’t highly recommend this company enough! They have been a life saver for me for a couple of years now and I’m looking forward to many more!” 

    A. Hudec